Are these diets safe for vegetarians?

According to studies provided today at ESC Congress 2020, vegetarian diets are not similarly safe.

Dr. Matina Kouvari of Harokopio University, Athens, Greece, said: “Our research emphasizes the complex nutritional content of plant foods.” In women, this effect was more obvious. Previous research has found that women prefer to consume more foods based on plants and fewer items based on animals than men. However our analysis shows that this does not ensure better food decisions and, in exchange, increased health status.

Many dietary research explicitly characterize diets focused on plants as “vegetarian” or “low in meat,” thereby considering all plant foods as equivalent. In addition to the total number, the interesting feature of this analysis was that it investigated the variety of plant-based foods eaten. The least refined foods, such as whole wheat, berries, herbs, almonds, olive oil and tea / coffee, were mainly organic plant-based items. Juices, sweetened foods, fried foods, rice, and other sorts of candy (e.g. cookies, conventional Greek cakes, etc.) is toxic goods dependent on plants.

The research explored the link over a 10-year period between the quantity and the consistency of plant-based foods and cardiac health.

A group of adults residing in Athens who did not have cardiovascular disorder or other serious illnesses was randomly chosen in 2001 and 2002 by the ATTICA report. For 146 obese participants with regular blood pressure , blood lipids and blood sugar, the present study was performed. The diet was tested in the previous year using a questionnaire on normal behavior. It identified 156 foods and beverages widely eaten in Greece, with images to help identify portion sizes.

About half of these obese patients developed increased blood pressure , high blood lipids, and excessive blood sugar within a decade — a mix that is especially dangerous for heart health.

Men who eat more foods dependent on plants were less likely to have this reduction in health status. In women, a phenomenon was also found, although it did not gain statistical significance.

Healthier options have been connected with managing regular blood pressure , blood lipids, and blood sugar with respect to the consistency of plant-based products. Eating harmful plant-based diets, on the other hand, has been correlated with elevated blood pressure, elevated blood lipids, and high blood sugar. Compared with males, these experiences were greater in women.

“Eating less meat is beneficial for heart health , particularly when it is substituted for healthy plant foods such as whole grains , fruits , vegetables, almonds, and olive oil,” Dr. Kouvari said.

She stated that in obese people, the study was carried out and the results could not be applied to other weight groups.

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