May, 2021

  • 1 May

    New Strain of Coronavirus

    New Strain of Coronavirus Greetings friends! It wasn’t long since the good news about the COVID19 vaccine emerged. But now, shocking news emerged that worried governments around the world again. A new strain of this Coronavirus was found in the United Kingdom, and there was a mutation in the virus …

  • 1 May

    Top Facts – Attack on Titan

    Top Facts - Attack on Titan Before I say anything else, this will contain spoilers from both the anime and manga attack on Titan or as the original Japanese title is shingeki no Kyojin, yeah, I’m Japanese just as you can hear from my flawless words like sharing my English …

April, 2021

  • 30 April

    Tesla car is in mortal accident

    Tesla car is in mortal accident Texas authorities are looking into a Tesla car crash over the weekend that killed two men, and it looks like there was no one behind the wheel in that car, this comes to us from the Texas Spring outside Houston, this was a fiery …

  • 30 April

    Is Corona virus transmitted to animals?

    Is Corona virus transmitted to animals? In December 2019, the Chinese authorities notified the world that the virus was spreading through communities in Wuhan, China the following month, and quickly spread to other countries to become a global pandemic, this virus is the second corona virus or Sargasso E2 known …

  • 29 April

    Facts about the Uzumaki clan

    Facts about the Uzumaki clan I’m gonna tell you everything that I know about the Uzumaki clan earlier this monthI made a article about the Senju clan where the Uzumaki gets a mention since they share a common ancestor,The word Uzumaki itself is Japanese, of course,Meaning spiral the clan lived …

  • 29 April

    what do you know about European Super League

    what do you know about European Super League In the last few days, the whole world of soccer has turned upside down. Indeed, on April 18, out of 12 clubs in England, Spain and Italy and having agreed in principle to form them, he owned the European Premier League, starting …

October, 2020

  • 2 October

    Contradiction in the statementUS President Donald Trump to downplay Covid-19’s seriousness.

    While acknowledging in a reported interview to have done so, US President Donald Trump has denied downplaying the severity of Covid-19.Mr Trump said he had “up-played” it during a TV event with voters.The assertion contradicts statements made by Mr Trump earlier this year to journalist Bob Woodward, when he said …

  • 2 October

    Developing countries are undergoing economic disasters: 4 avenues to be funded by the international community

    Developing nations are suffering economic disasters: 4 directions to be helped by the international communityOur hopes of growth would be badly impaired by the failure of the world economy, damaging production, disrupting supply chains and weakening the global financial system. Failure to control the worldwide dissemination of the virus would …

  • 1 October

    Covid 19 sheds a influence on the international economy

    The outbreak of Covid-19 has grown internationally and infected every corner of the global economy. It triggers missed income, destroys manufacturing chains, and slashes the global GDP by billions of dollars.Covid 19 sheds a influence on the international economyIn an abandoned retail area in Beijing, a guy wearing a defensive …

  • 1 October

    Ronald Koeman Coming hard TO Barcelona

    Ronald Koeman is beloved by Barcelona for scoring the club’s most meaningful goal ever, but this season his integrity will be strongly checked when he tries to guide a squad in need of major surgery across one of their worst periods in recent memory.Among the several duties of the Dutchman …