Facts about the Uzumaki clan

Facts about the Uzumaki clan

I’m gonna tell you everything that I know about the Uzumaki clan earlier this month

I made a article about the Senju clan where the Uzumaki gets a mention since they share a common ancestor,The word Uzumaki itself is Japanese, of course,Meaning spiral the clan lived in a place known as the village hidden in the Eddy

I’m not sure at what exact timeframe the land of world pool was created,but it was long enough for them to earn the name the village of,Longevity the clan survived the warring States period for those of you who don’t know what that is,That’s when the Senju an Uchiha really fought hardcore high shear Amla and Madara ended this period with the foundation of the leaf village

The Uzumaki clan didn’t integrate into the village like the Uchiha did but instead kept close ties through marital,Proposals and exchanging favors between the Senju and whose √¨make they had an extremely close relationship with the village to the leaf village

Branded the Uzumaki logo on all of its tuning and joning level shinobi to honor,That uzumake for the bond that they’ve created as extremely close allies

Sometime after the warring States Period the village hidden in the Eddy were attacked by multiple nations leaving only refugee uzumake to survive into this new era that’s about as much detail as I could provide on the Uzumaki their histories not really talked about ninja who hail from this bloodline are undoubtedly one of the strongest shinobi that have ever existed,They’re not born with ice release or possess the Sharingan

but they are born with Asura stamina along with their sibling clan to send you the survivors that made it into Naruto’s time all possess powers that are unique like Karin’s he’ll bite and Naruto’s ability to wield the RenaGaN in both of his eyes child Naruto is able to Compensate for his inability to mold jutsus with just throwing a large amount of chakra at every technique when the clan was still intact

They were living icons known for their chakra pool and extremely long lives Mito the First Hokage his wife lived until the Third Hokage

Trained with a full head of red hair not only do they age slower, but they can survive mortal injuries,they have so much vitality that Kushina didn’t even die from having Kurama ripped out of her when in a zoo monkeys life force is used up t’s shown by having their hair doll from red to white.

This was conveyed through the death of Nagato when Obito took pains eyes back, He commented not only on his ability to wield the RenaGaN in both of his eyes which he himself could not do but also remarked on the effect of overusing it he ond its limits and this made his use amake red hair turned grey one of Naruto’s more noteworthy feats was his ability to infuse water with chakra in order to make it rain over the rain village

this makes it so that Nagato has the ability to perceive anything within the entire village that the rain touches the past Abilities of the former uzumaki clan were remarkable first They had a divine chakra to pull from that they inherited from Ostrow which gives them the same stamina buff that the sand you had if you want to know more on the Senju,

Kekkai genkai, let’s just call it that first simplicity ,They had an incredibly large understanding of Fuu and jutsu and ceilings Like they’re the greatest of all time with this stuff

The first do two I want to talk about is the dead demon consuming seal that Minato used which he learned from Casino, by the way, it was developed by the Uzumaki clan It’s the strongest

Kamikaze technique that I can think of offhand where by summoning a Reaper and letting it eat your soul,You can command it to take another person’s of your choosing. There are a few stipulations

The first is that you need to be within some sort of combative range,The next is they can’t wildly outclass you in power Level the souls that are eaten can be brought back through one method the person who wishes to recollect innate and soul needs to find,The ooze amake clans mask storage temple and put the death God mask on then an actual manifestation,Of the demon will appear and then you can retrieve any soul collected a heat on Technique is a jutsu that is only passed on within a clan

the uzumaki clans heed on techniques weren’t preserved after the clan was disbanded along with their,accumulated knowledge on foo and jutsu a sealing technique of the uzuMaki that would fall under this heat on category is any derivative of adamantium chains Kareem used an incomplete form of adamantium chains the lack of information Making it to her because of the disbandment forced her to learn how to do it herself,Naruto’s mom casino was not only taught adamantium chains,But the jutsu was incorporated into her jinchuriki seal presently,But the jutsu was incorporated into her jinchuriki seal presently

Naruto expanded the Uzumaki clan to the small extent that it is now with the members being Hinata Himawari boruto and Naruto

There’s a whole lot of challenges that this family is gonna have to face in Berto and I cannot wait

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