Is Corona virus transmitted to animals?

Is Corona virus transmitted to animals?

In December 2019, the Chinese authorities notified the world that the virus was spreading through communities in Wuhan, China the following month, and quickly spread to other countries to become a global pandemic, this virus is the second corona virus or Sargasso E2 known as severe acute respiratory syndrome. A disease called covet 19.

While the main focus of health agencies around the world has been on the human effects of the virus, pet owners have a slightly different priority: Can pets catch sars cov2, the short answer is no but if you are a pet owner, it is still You have to keep your guards during the ongoing pandemic and we’ll tell you why in demystifying medicine this week First, let’s look at what a virus is, the virus is just a hall around the genetic material and a few proteins. There aren’t that many viruses in reality.

Even the organism because it cannot repeat itself, the only way for the virus to reproduce is by invading the cells of the body once inside the cell, where the virus hijacks the cell’s mechanism and its resources and makes millions of copies of itself, which leads to paralysis of the body in this process, the virus enters the cell it needs. The virus passes through the cell membrane, and the virus does this by using the cell receptors that act as a shuttle that sends the virus across the membrane, but these shuttles can only transmit specifications c materials known as the lock and the main form where materials that can only fit with the future can be transported and thus Viruses are compatible only with specific receptors as their surface proteins can only fit with specific receptors.

The new corona virus depends on a receptor called ace2 which is commonly found in cells in the lung and this is why pneumonia is a prominent complication of copen. If you take ace2 too far the virus cannot enter the cell and it cannot replicate the ace2 found in the cells of pets like dogs and cats as well, but the structure of human and animal ace2 is different A little bit, and this makes it difficult or even impossible for the coronavirus to enter animal cells, in other words, it’s like trying to open different locks using the same key. Maybe it won’t work well because different locks correspond to different keys at this point some of you might say, but I’ve seen Pet news that has tested positive for vi Ross in the news, most of these reports are simply false positive results, the virus for example can treat pet nose cavities as it can be picked up with sarsko v2 tests, but as we mentioned earlier, it is very difficult These viruses have to infect the cells of some pets.

Like cats, they have h2 receptors that are more similar to humans than dogs, and thus are more susceptible to v2 sarcoid infection, but even if a pet gets sick, they usually develop mild disease because their receptors are still different from humans despite some similarities [music] For this reason, it is not necessary to put a mask on your pet, but since pets can still carry the virus without contracting the infection, it is still important to keep your pets away from others and to keep your pets outdoors indoors for the time being.

If you suspect your pet has an infection, contact your local veterinary clinic. we only deal with common household pets such as cats and dogs. If you have a more exotic animal in your home, please seek expert advice to take appropriate preventive measures.

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