New Strain of Coronavirus

New Strain of Coronavirus

Greetings friends! It wasn’t long since the good news about the COVID19 vaccine emerged. But now, shocking news emerged that worried governments around the world again. A new strain of this Coronavirus was found in the United Kingdom, and there was a mutation in the virus and this new strain is said to be 70% more contagious This is the reason why many Countries around the world have imposed bans on flights from France, Belgium, Austria and even India, they have imposed a ban on flights coming from the United Kingdom.

But the question is how dangerous this new strain is more than the original Covid19 virus. ? Will vaccines be effective against the new mutation or not? Let’s get to know it all in this video Today last week, the United Kingdom announced that a new strain of Sars-CoV-2 virus called Sars-CoV-2 has been identified and the disease it causes called Covid19 The daily number of covid19 cases in London doubled in the week. The past found that nearly 60% of the increased number of cases resulted from the new virus strain, and the new variant was called VUI-202012/01 (named after the date) Where did this new strain come from? Simply through mutation, once you understand what a mutation is, you will be able to understand what this whole thing is all about. A word mutation may make you think of the Xmen movies because it is about mutants. Movies always exaggerate the boom process.

But in fact, mutation is something that occurs all the time in all living things on one earth in humans, plants and animals, as well as in viruses. Infact, mutation is so necessary that evolution cannot happen without it. We would not have exist on Earth without it, so what is it? Simply put, a mutation is an error that occurs mainly during copying of a gene, when there is a change in the DNA sequence, it is called a mutation mutation. It can occur for many reasons, but there are two main reasons: The first is the environmental causes. When there is a change in the environment, for example, the nuclear radiation can cause a mutation or the ultraviolet rays coming from the sun can cause a mutation in your cells and this is not a good thing this mutation can cause cancer and that is why it is said that you should not go out without sunscreen Whenever the UV index of the sun is high but the second reason behind the mutation is reproduction When an organism reproduces, there is a mutation that makes some errors during the copying of DNA and sometimes these errors are useful. Take the example of birds.

Suppose that there is a group of a certain type of birds all of these birds have a small beak, but suddenly a mutation occurs in them, then a bird is born with a longer beak between them and a longer beak gives the bird the advantage of digging deeper into the dirt and catching worms for food and because of this feature, when the bird carries more From springs with the same longer beak, then, in general, they have an advantage over the rest of the group with smaller beaks. Generations, due to natural selection, future generations of this bird will always have longer beaks because the longer beak gave them an advantage for that, this is a great example of how mutation works during evolution and the natural section Mutation is responsible for the evolution of all living things in the world but in most cases, mutations are not useful Most of the time, the mutations are either useless or unfavorable. For example, many babies are born with three hours of age. Or six fingers on their hands now, that’s not really helpful, but it’s a mutation and yet back to COVID19, viruses have the same story.Some viruses have RNA instead of DNA. DNA is double stranded during reproduction.

There are higher chances of an RNA transcription error which is why viruses that contain RNA see more mutations but mutations are very common in the case of SARS-CoV-2 around one or two per month worldwide, According to UK geneticists. So, now you can imagine – this is the rate at which there are mutations in SARS-CoV-2 as I said, most of these mutations are useless and don’t make much difference. The mutated UK virus has an unusually large number of genes changes. One of these changes relates to the sharp spikes of the virus – which you can see in the image, and these changes include the spike protein that is often responsible for how the virus infects a human cell. It increased the attachment of the virus in our cells. This, in turn, makes it more contagious.According to a BBC report, some scientists believe that this strain is 70% more contagious than the old virus strain and that most of the cases seen in the UK today are due to this.

A new strain but an important question is whether this new strain is more lethal / lethal? According to England’s chief medical officer, there is no evidence yet to suggest the new strain is causing a higher death rate. He also says more research needs to be done to fully prove this. But history has good news about this in the past and at any time. Viruses have mutated, become more contagious, but less deadly, if you may remember, I showed you a graph between infection and killer. Mostly, it happens that infectious viruses are less deadly and less infectious viruses are more deadly. Another important question is whether vaccines will work with the new strain, and there is good news in this regard alongside the UK Prime Minister. Boris Johnson said – There is no evidence to suggest vaccines will be less effective against the new variant.

The ministers of health in France and Germany also confirm that according to everything we know about the new strain so far, all vaccines that are manufactured will be as effective against the new strain as they were against the old strain, but some scientists are also concerned. For example, Professor Ravi Gupta from the University of Cambridge asserts that until now, there are no problems caused by the mutation, but over time, a mutation may appear that vaccines are ineffective against it. This scenario – vaccine escape occurs when the virus turns to the point at which it becomes ineffective. This is called abandoning the vaccine, and due to these reasons and the fact that little is known about the virus, governments around the world suddenly made some tough decisions, for example, an emergency lockdown was announced in the UK. Belgium, Austria, Canada, the Netherlands, Germany, India and other countries have banned flights from the United Kingdom temporarily, and Germany may consider the same for flights from South Africa due to another boom in South Africa that the World Health Organization has said will do so. Continue to analyze data about the new and supportive breed.

We have gone through the latest updates to let us know what needs to be done in this regard but there are some questions raised to governments around the world for how long will drastic measures be taken like emergency closures and no-fly zone? Mutations are common, and history is littered with viruses. This does not mean that travel bans and closures should be imposed frequently, which weakens the country’s performance and economy.

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