Tesla car is in mortal accident

Tesla car is in mortal accident

Texas authorities are looking into a Tesla car crash over the weekend that killed two men, and it looks like there was no one behind the wheel in that car, this comes to us from the Texas Spring outside Houston, this was a fiery and fatal accident for the 2019 Tesla model According to the police, they don’t think anyone was in the driver’s seat during the crash right now, and investigators have yet to determine whether the vehicle’s autopilot technology was working before the crash, so that’s a big question mark now in place but that breakdown comes at the weekend when Tesla released its annual safety report. And once again promoting autopilot safety.

Its other technology to assist driver Elon Musk tweets Tesla with autopilot is now approaching the chance of an accident ten times less than the average car, well, not everyone thinks au should test the topilot publicly, Robert Sumult, who is the chair of the National Transportation Safety Board, has been Openly in the past two months about saying that the beta version of autopilot should not be tested as it is currently with some people on public roads and again we don’t know if autopilot is involved in this accident in his opinion, the autopilot should not be tested in addition to Other autonomous driving technologies on public roads,

But NTSB does not regulate what automakers can and cannot do on public roads that are the state’s responsibility to manage highway transportation safety Now cnbc has contacted both nitsa and tesla for comment regarding this incident, we haven’t heard anything Bear in mind, nitsa has launched 27 investigations into tesla, not all of those revolving around autonomous vehicle technology but 27 investigations and as of now, tesla is allowed to continue testing autonomous technology on public roads like other car manufacturers, and that’s a big question, guys. They’ve been there for some time in the auto industry, what should the public be allowed to test in their cars before they officially check out because no one really signs that it has finally been incorporated into vehicle technology.

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