10 facts that you should know about the boy Minato nom mikaze

Today we are here with ten facts about the boy Minato namiKazi

if you guys do not know, Minato is one of my favorite Naruto characters. He is also one of my main sonars. Ottomans are starting four, so I really had a great time putting together this list, and I can honestly say you guys want to stay here for the whole until you didn’t know, so with that, let’s get into it

10-my boy mini toes hobbies was reading dry rice novels were his favorite, so I never knew what one was his to bookworm my boy. That’s probably why he’s so strong and so intellectual because you know, all my man did was read so that was like his favorite happy evolved so that could explain why he knows so much and why he was all like powerful issue

9-Minato favorite phrase was the fire shadow illuminates the village

8-Minato Namikazi birthday is January twenty-fifth

7- Minato had learned a lot of sealing technique from kushina’s mother, who was from the famous Uzumaki clan who the market clan was well known for their sealing techniques that’s crazy,

so even though Naruto don’t know too much about his heritage, his his family was really popular, and then on top of his dad going to the planet to learn more similar techniques, I thought that was pretty good that means his father was involved with the family, it was just like you

know I got your daughter but at the same time you know he was like I got your daughter, and I’ma take you over to you feel me yeah

6- my man Minato has three nature types; yes this man has three different types of chakra; my man has fire when and lightning, unfortunately; he never shows none of them in an anime, but if you want to include like game release and yang release the hallmark, the boy Minato had every day holy [ __ ]

5- Minato Oh completed 847 official missions in total 122 D ranked 147 Cranked 216 B ranked 323 a ranked and 39 s recognitions, my boy Minato was putting in work for days, he’s putting it where [ __ ] de and he’s putting in work for the village that man had no days off

4- Minato was one of the fastest shinobi on earth; he learned the Second Hokage Thunder guy technique,

Minato was faster than aim, which is one of the fastest cloud ninjas that means that boy was running his bits and he was about you buttercup in a track star holy [ _ ] like my man Minato was not playing around my boy was like really just fast and [ _ ] just imagine you try to hit him in there run away ain’t no getting away from that [ __ ]

3- Minato ranked ninth in the six-character popularity pool and seven in the seven-character popularity pool for Naruto; my man is pretty popular. I don’t know I didn’t realize he was that part, but at the same time, he is a pretty dope character; if you go on naruto storm 4, you’re gonna run into a lot of mini toes. Also, another thing that I used to enjoy about mini toad was the fact that he looked like the pokemon gym leader of the opener from pokemon diamond a pro. I always thought those two shares like the super-strong resemblance

2-the name Minato means harbor while his family name nom mikaze, means waves and when that ball was on a wave all summer, sixteen tried to try to get it never get, it really clean

1- in the hidden leaf village grand sports festival, Minato suddenly appears in the hallway of the Sabian when Naruto is running to the toilets, all of these appearances in this special were only for comical effect, but I thought it was pretty dope that they kind of slid this man in here and even though he was supposed to be dead,

so that even made me speculate maybe he wasn’t dead and you know he was still out there and kicking; that’s why when you play a naruto ultimate ninja storm on that was finished on ultimate naruto ninja, the mysterious eight was Minato, so I always thought maybe he was still alive somewhere and then it comes to find out he was actually dead that’s saddening such a sad moment in history so with that being said

this is my ten facts that you should know about the boy Minato NAmikaze.

this is my ten facts that you should know about the boy Minato NAmikaze.

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