what do you know about European Super League

what do you know about European Super League

In the last few days, the whole world of soccer has turned upside down. Indeed, on April 18, out of 12 clubs in England, Spain and Italy and having agreed in principle to form them, he owned the European Premier League, starting in 2023.

This Premier League has just broken the news cycle recently, it has launched several times the series of events so today I just wanted to try to understand it. All I want to do is go beyond what exactly the Europa League is, talk about the history of the teams. and the parties involved as well as their shape and the upcoming schedule, and then I want to take a look at the reactions and repercussions of not only UEFA and FIFA, but the rest of the soccer world

Also, because a lot of people are not happy with this, it’s definitely a tough time now and I don’t know if this plan will really pay off or not Let’s talk about the European Premier League, so what’s good? The Premier League is an annual interclub soccer competition that is played by an exclusive group of elite European clubs. The purpose of the aforementioned league is to compete with or perhaps replace the UEFA Champions League, which has long been the annual continental club competition. in which teams compete for European supremacy.

The teams participating in the European Super Cup are illegal. There are currently 12 teams that are sort of founders. The fathers of these 12 clubs are six from England, Chelsea, Arsenal, Manchester City, United and Tottenham, for Verball. These are the 12 that are supposed to participate in the ESL every year with three other pillars for a total of 15 teams
Apparently, the French club, Paris Saint-Germain, for the Germans, was offered Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund to be part of the Premier League, but all three refused, so they still had to find three more.
In fact, teams will be able to qualify to compete based on the performance of the previous season up to 15 teams that never change, then five teams in rotation from the rest of Europe to form 20 teams per year.And by the way, these 12 teams that have already agreed to be part of the Premier League and are expected to earn more than $ 400 million, or about 300 million euros each, just to enter the competition of the American investment banking giant.

It is said that jpmorgan chase is the main financial backer of this league of course, like everything in life, money makes the world go round a little later and it is a concept that has worked for over two decades. a look at the leadership involved in the creation of the European super president Florentino Perez was He has been running the Premier League since 2009, there have been some failures but was actually behind the idea Andrea Agnelli Gilles Glazers John Henry and Stan Kronke huge gears in the process also there are certainly many rich and powerful men who support this league

Before we get into how the rest of the world handles this elitist disconnect, let’s take a look at the proposed European Super League, so it’s a competition with 20 teams 15 teams always the same five rotating in and out of each year of them. 20 teams. We divided it into two groups of 10 Then I think each team will play twice with the other nine teams in its group, so once at home and once on the road for a total of 18 group stage matches, then after the group stage the best eight matches qualify for the quarterfinals so four from each group

Similar to the Champions League, we have a first leg in the quarterfinals, two semifinals and then a final match at the end of the season to determine the schedule of the champions of the European Premier League wisdom that they want to run this. basically like the Champions League as well as the midweek games on Tuesday and Wednesday with the competition starting in August This continues until the end of the season in May. In this way, these teams compete against each other. own national leagues, but this is where things start to get a little murky.
Because you can imagine the Premier League, the Spanish League series, they are not completely excited about this concept, really, uh, nobody from the soccer world is completely excited, and UEFA has issued a joint statement with the English Football Association, the English Premier League, the Spanish Royal Football Federation, the Spanish League and the Italian Football Federation strongly condemning the prospect of creating a Super League, saying they would do everything in their power to stop such a league and that this could be the biggest news about anything to do with the Premier League with FIFA.

He said that the six international continental federations, citing the desire of the club concerned, to be prevented from playing in another country. The competition at the national European or world level could be deprived of the opportunity for their players to represent their country. is now a global war. These ah, league teams can be excluded from local leagues. But you can also imagine if these players could not represent their country at the World Cup or the next Euro as these are the greatest players in the world who talk about Messi Ronaldo Toni Kroos Luka Modric Kevin De Bruyne Harry Kane Eden is dangerous and the list goes on
And on the potentially huge repercussions of these players no longer playing for their national teams, FIFA stands firmly with UEFA in condemning the A team. FIFA President Yanni Infantino, speaking at this week’s UEFA Conference, soccer was the third world war, the edition of FIFA and UEFA would try to make them all. Something as difficult as possible for the members of the Premier League, whether it is sporting or judicial. It certainly won’t stop with these billionaires behind the Super League.

Many players like PSG have talked about Ander Herrera against the European Premier League saying that it is the rich who steal what people have created. Herrera raises a key point about, uh, his team’s dream competing against the greatest player in the world. That’s what soccer is. The Premier League is kind of spitting on all the other clubs. In Europe so I’m with Herrera and I think Europe needs all the clubs like IK Celtic Institute Galatasaray Lyon and Porto just very strange to me that these 12 clubs think they are better than comfort and even the fans of these clubs who participate in it in the Premier League like Liverpool, they are not happy There are a lot of them, most of the fans are not happy, but you know they think that soccer is like this for everyone and not just an exclusive group.

So, the fans are protesting against the clubs. It is the general consensus that people feel passionate about the game are stripped and sold to the highest bidder and I fully understand that the directors have also been frank Juergen Klopp and Pep Guardiola already say they do not support it, so it will surely happen a lot. On the money, a lot of stubbornness, only time will tell if the Europa League is a real thing. Soccer season 2023-24 and my final thoughts.I myself think that the Champions League was really a good barometer to determine the best of the best in Europe, it’s a bit fair we go to overkill We are already diluting the product at this stage and it’s not fair to the fans, so uh, I do not agree with the European Super League, but we’ll see what happens. I would like to see that happen. Know what you think even in the Premier League, leave a comment. Let me know. I hope you learned something. Although I’m still trying to learn the intricacies and everything about this European Premier League and certainly stay tuned so you have more.

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